Q: I don’t know how this topsites list works. Can you explain to me?
A: Absolutely. This topsites list ranks by “votes”, ie if your site get more votes, your site’s ranking arises. For this to work properly, you need to insert your voting code into your webpage. You can know your voting code by logining your account.

Q: I lost my voting code, how can I get it again? Should I add my site again?
A: No, you don’t need to add your site again, you can get it by logining your account at the left menu of this site. If you don’t know even your username, you can also get it there.

Q: I clicked the vote button on my site myself several times, but I find my site’s ranking is not changed. What happened?
A: Even if you click it several times, it is counted as 1 vote. And remember this topsites list rerank every 30 minutes.

Q: Why isn’t my logo showing up on Dragonballtop100.com?
A: Logos are only shown for the top 100 sites on our list. Anything below 100 will be listed as text only. This will help give others an incentive to be on top.

Q: I don’t have a logo for my site. Can I get one here?
A: If your site is ranked in top 100, and doesn’t have logo, we will automatically assign one premade by us for your site.

Q: I have more than one site. Will I be able to make multiple accounts?
A: Yes you are allowed 1 account per website.

Q: Can I use your vote codes other than my site?
A: Yes, you may use. But you should not use it on illegal site.

Q: Can I use popup window to increase voting for my site?
Yes, you can. Restrictions are the same as above.

Q: How do I cancel my account?
A: Simply remove the vote links on your site and you will not show up on our list the following week.